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Enjoy a Dedicated Team Anytime – No Hiring, Just Exclusive Subscription Plans

WordPress can be tricky, right?

let's make it easy simple right
Imagine a world where managing your website is hassle-free. With our team of friendly WordPress experts, you can create a website that truly stands out, without the need for juggling multiple freelancers or struggling with technical complexities. At Detheme, we take care of everything. This leaves you free to concentrate on what you do best: growing your business. Let us handle the technical side of things, so you can say goodbye to website stress.

How it works

01. Sign Up & Get Set

Subscribe and you’re in! You’ll get your personal Trello board for task tracking and an invite to your own Slack workspace for smooth and easy communication with us.

02. Tell Us What You Need

List down everything you need – be it design, development, optimization, maintenance or even copywriting. We’ll line them up and tackle them one by one, prioritizing just as you wish.

03. Sit Back and Enjoy

Relax while we get to work, delivering top-tier WordPress solutions for each task in just 1-5 business days. 

Making WordPress a Breeze with Detheme

Everything WordPress, All in One Place

We bring design, development, optimization, maintenance and copywriting together under one roof, making your WordPress journey smooth and unified.

Unlimited Revisions

Our team is all about providing you top-notch WordPress solutions, and fast, keeping your projects right on track

Fast Solutions, No Waiting Around

Our team is all about providing you top-notch WordPress solutions, and fast, keeping your projects right on track.

Services that Grow with You

We’re here to support your business at every step, ensuring our services adapt and scale to your growing needs.

No Strings Attached, Seriously

Use our subscription as long as you want and cancel whenever - no hidden fees, no penalties. Your subscription just won’t renew next month. Cancel easily from your account or just give us a shout.

All Your WordPress Needs, Sorted!​

Starting a WordPress project might feel like a big step, but no worries! Detheme is here to make it all simple and fun. Let’s explore how we add our special touch to each service.

Graphic Design

Web Design




Hosting & Site Management​

Get top-notch services without the stress of dealing with lots of freelancers and without breaking the bank

Easy Prices, Great Team

Get a top-notch creative team without spending a lot or getting into tricky stuff.


Your gateway to professional WordPress services.




Double the power and speed for your WordPress needs.




Max your WordPress potential with our top-tier services.



How does our subscription service stack up against hiring a team?

To get the same amount and quality of work done, you might need :
1 × Top WordPress Developer Top Graphic Designer Top Web Designer Top Animation Creator Top Website Server Expert

Finding the right people for these jobs could take months! And it might be tough to find top experts who are happy to work part-time.

Even if you find them, you’d have to manage the team, make sure everyone is working together well, and spend more of your own time managing.

Plus, you’d have to handle extra costs like insurance, benefits, and software for all these experts. When you add it all up, with our subscription, you’re getting a top-notch, full-service design team for the cost of hiring just one designer.

And don’t forget, you can’t just stop hiring an employee when you don’t need them for a month. But with our service, you can pause your subscription anytime you need to!


Is there a catch to your subscription service?
No catch at all. You can send us unlimited service requests. We’ll chat about what’s most important and tackle your tasks one by one, in order, for as long as you’re with us. On the basic plan, we work on one task at a time. On bigger plans, we can handle more at once.
Anything you need within our skill set! It could be designing a logo, tweaking a website, or regular site upkeep, copywriting. If it’s something our team can do, it’s a request.

You’ll get a dedicated manager to talk to about plans, processes, and payments. Plus, a project manager will sort out the daily details, all overseen by our skilled designers and tech experts.

Pay the way you prefer, card or bank transfer. And yes, you can cancel anytime without extra fees. Your subscription just won’t renew next month.

Easy. Stay as long as you like and leave when you want. No hidden costs or cancellation fees. Just cancel from your account or let us know.

We use Slack and Trello. We can invite your team to Slack and Trello.

We’ve got a full menu: website design and development, graphic design, e-commerce setups, branding, UX/UI design, and copywriting.

Of course! We provide training and support so you can manage your digital assets like a pro.

Ready to start?​

Pick a package and let’s chat about your needs. We’re here to jump into action right away.

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